How did I get here?

A bit more background:

I wanted to share a bit more about my story and how The Substitute Kitchen came about.  As I stated before I have been through every food allergy diet out there. When I say every I mean EVERY diet. I had periods of time where I couldn’t eat anything but white rice and then periods where I was on FODMAP’s. Avoiding everything from eggs to gluten, I was eating Paleo and THEN eating only fruits and veggies. I felt like I was on a constant rollercoaster of food allergies. I was constantly having to ask waiters what exactly was in each dish (Well let’s be honest I still have to) and I was reading every food label left and right. I spent a lot of time in the hospital getting a different diagnosis everywhere I went. I had loads of different food sensitivity symptoms like psoriasis on multiple areas of my body, random hives, IBS, and finally the dreaded Perioral dermatitis. I was miserable and what is worse was that I was getting used to being miserable. I was starting to accept all of my symptoms as my new ‘normal’. It wasn’t until my perioral dermatitis that I started to really question my health.

It’s very hard to post these pictures so please be kind! I only post these because I hope that by sharing my experience I can help someone else who is struggling.

I started reading a lot about Perioral dermatitis and discovered from another blogger that her main cause was a food sensitivity/allergy. Here is her website The Paleo Post -Perioral Dermatitis I wasn’t at all surprised by this. Here is a link about it and more causes: Perioral Dermatitis symptoms and causes

I knew something had to give because it kept getting worse and spreading all over my face. Finally I was able to get a full allergy test and I discovered that I didn’t have tons of food sensitivities, I had instead Fructose Malabsorption. If you’ve never heard of this check it out:  the Celiac MD Fructose Malabsorption

Ah a new food allergy diet, but this time I actually was starting to heal. For the first time in my life I started experiencing what it was like to be normal and not have to miss out on life because I was constantly sick.

As always go see a doctor if you are feeling not quite right. Also trust your gut (figuratively and literally), if you feel like something isn’t right then it probably isn’t. Always remember that no one knows your body like you do and you need to take care of yourself first and foremost.

Eat, love, sleep, drink coffee, and repeat!



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